Cut and Jump Instructions October 04 2013

For the Kickstarter backers who opted to do the cut and jump on their own, I've taken some high resolution photos of the process to aid you.


The cut is easiest to do before you start soldering components to the PCB.  Simply cut the trace on the top side of the PCB that is immediately above pin 8 of the 555 timer (shown below).



The jump is easiest to do once you've soldered both the 555 timer and the 330uF capacitor to the PCB.  Using a small piece of wire, solder one end to the POSITIVE terminal of the 330uF capacitor.  Then solder the other end to pin 8 of the 555 timer (shown below).  This effectively provides 9V to the 555 timer and the boost circuit will now output 170VDC.