Switchmode Design Inc was founded by Tyler Nehowig in Minneapolis, MN.

The Founder

Tyler Nehowig holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.  He has applied his technical knowledge to products ranging from medical devices to industrial controllers.  Tyler has a strong work ethic and the drive to one day be his own boss.  He wants to be able to provide products that introduce people, both young and old, to the world of electronics.  By creating fun and unique kits, Tyler believes that anyone can make their idea a reality.

The Company

Leveraging the power of Open Source Hardware & Software, the products found at Switchmode Design offer multiple options allowing users to decide how involved they want to be in the assembly of the product.  From blank printed circuit boards to fully assembled and tested products, the power of choice differentiates Switchmode Design from its competitors.

If you don't own a soldering iron, you can rest assured by purchasing a fully assembled and tested product ready for you to plug and play.  If you are a veteran with a soldering iron, you can purchase a kit with all of the parts included allowing you to save money by assembling the product yourself.  For the hardcore hackers, we even offer the blank circuit boards on all of our kits -- meaning you can purchase all of the parts yourself for ultimate control in customization.

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